Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Defending My Golf Game and Corrections

First, many apologies to my Aunt Janis. She is now a regular reader and I left her off that list, so I apologize to her. To my mother, who called my round of golf into question in her response to my recent post, how dare you?!?!?!?! I set the world on fire with a 93, so there. I posted a consistent round with a 49 on the front and 44 on the back. Well, it may not have been consistent, but then again I did hit a few in the drink and yank a few left and O.B. Heads up golf courses of the world, here I come to fill your lakes and clip the limbs of your trees with errant shots.
We spoke to a number of lenders today and we are doing the right thing by shopping around for the best rate. The only downfall to this approach is that it now seems like we have more information than we know what to do with. We have it narrowed down to three lenders that we might use. Most importantly, we found a home that we really, really dig. We tried calling our agent's assistant (since the agent is on vacation) to put together a tentative offer, but we called around 5pm and she was with another client she did not call us back. I guess we will have to do that tomorrow.


At 7:24 PM, Blogger Janis said...

Hi Mike,
Hope you are doing well. Thanks for your apologies, you're so sweet. I was excited to see my name on your blog. Well, only 11 more days till the wedding. Hope you're enjoying school being out. I'm going with your mom tomorrow to the Galt flea market so that should be fun. Otherwise, nothing new other than work and the kitties. How are things going with lenders on the house you like. Sarah sent me a link and it's a very nice house, good luck with it. Think I'll go out and water the lawn. Max and Wiskers say hello to you, Sarah, Maggie, PJ, and Makenzie(not sure I spelled it right?). Look forward to seeing you soon.
Love u lots,
Aunt Janis


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