Monday, October 23, 2006

A regular school week

The last few weeks at school have been wonderful. Two weeks ago it was only 4 days, then last week was 3. Now we have a full week of 5 days. Stupid vacation ending! The next big thing to look forward to is Thanksgiving break. For the first time ever I will not be at home for Thanksgiving and will my first NorCal DeMolay Convention ever (I've been to the last 10). I am excited about a holiday in Richlands, NC. Unfortunately, Sarah and I have to be back by Friday afternoon so I am taking that Tuesday off. This plan will give us two days at home. We are going to Stockton for Christmas.
This weekend I had my US History class and the bright side was that I actually did the reading for this month's session. The bummer was that the lecture had very little to do with the reading. I also found it boring and consequently was nodding in and out. I felt terrible since I hate it when my kids go to sleep. Oh well. The funniest moment was watching a commercial for Sonic where a character proclaimed how he would let all the readers of his blog know about the new dessert he was eating. The lady in the car called him out saying, "all your readers, you mean your mom?" I though it was great to include in my blog.


At 10:38 PM, Blogger jerreca said...

Hi Michael,
sorry I missed your call yesterday. loved the Sonic commercial reference in your entry.busy with Halloween at school. major holiday for 2nd graders.wish me luck-submitted my application for a field trip grant through Target. love to you and Sarah.we'll talk soon. love, mom xoxoxo

At 9:36 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

You need to update your blog, sucka.


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