Sunday, January 07, 2007

Back home!

Sarah and I got back home on Thursday. Overall, it was a pretty eventful two weeks. We have a number of wedding items squared away. We got to see both of our families and came across an interesting fact on the way home to Birmingham from North Carolina. On every trip to North Carolina it seems like we come across a million Waffle House restaurants. It turns out that number is a little off. The actual number is more like 60. The trip, one-way, is about 600 miles. This averages out to about one Waffle House every 10 miles. However, there are actually some exits with two Waffle Houses, both within eye sight of the interstate! I guess the business plan of Waffle House assumes that people will not cross under the interstate for a meal.
Once we got home Sarah and I both had to work on Friday. Actually, Sarah was supposed to travel with the women's basketball team. The only problem was the bus did not have enough space for everyone and Sarah was a real team player and volunteered to stay home. So we spent the weekend cleaning up the apartment. We cleaned up quite a bit even if it may not look like it. We also went to a wedding reception for one of the teachers from work. The husband is from Morocco and it was a real trip to be a part of a reception with a number of Arabic features.
The first day of the 2nd semester is tomorrow. After having the last two weeks off it sure is difficult to go back to work. Perhaps going back to school will get me back in the swing of things.


At 10:42 PM, Blogger jerreca said...

Glad you both returned home safely and had time to clean up the apartment as well. Tomorrow will be rough. Getting up early is something I haven't done in quite a while either. Interesting fact about the Waffle Houses. So impressed that Sarah made the sacrifice to stay home. I'd have done the same. Happy that you were able to get so much done for the wedding. What did you decide about the flowers? Have a wonderful week. Remember that I'm struggling with returning to school also. (You are not alone)love, mom xoxoxo


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